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Autodarts supports a wide range of webcams. However, it is not recommended to just buy the cheapest cameras available. Based on the experiences of the community, we have already curated a selection of suitable cameras.

First, here are a few factors to consider when choosing a camera.

  • FOV - The field of view should be between 80° and 110°.
  • Lens should have no distortion.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Length of the cable (the shorter the cable, the better).
  • Stable framerate around 30 FPS.
  • The most common resolutions are between 640x480 and 1280x720 (higher resolutions seem to have no effect on accuracy).

Boards by Resolution

With most cameras, it is relatively easy to exchange the lenses afterwards to achieve the desired field of view.

Many cameras have distortion, but this can be compensated for with the right lenses. We also offer software that can be used to remove the distortion via software.

When considering power consumption, it is important to check the USB standards and the manufacturer’s information for the platform you want to play on. In some cases, using a USB hub with an external power supply could help.

Specification Voltage Amperage Power
USB 1.0/1.1 5V 100mA 0,5W
USB 2.0 5V 500mA 2,5W
USB 3.o/3.1 5V 900mA 4,5W

There are even more factors that can play a role when it comes to cameras. However, these are the most important. Here are a few examples from the community that are already being used by our users and delivering good results.

Camera Comparison

Stars [0-4] Scal [1-5] Picture Company Type Price [EUR] FOV [°] Distortion Overexposure Settings Autofocus Pro Contra Info
4 1+ img ELP OTG HD 5mp 60 100 None None Manual No hard + heavy / absolutely high quality / no need for distortion.json / very solid housing / 3m USB 2.0 cable / tiny + small / very high quality CMOS Lense expensive purchase recommendation with small problems
4 1.5 img MOERTEK MC920 1080P HD 8 - 18 85 Nearly none No Auto Yes very solid / looks like Logitech C920 / high quality packaging / own homepage / big company in china / very cheap / no need for distortion.json purchase recommendation
3 2.5 img Ahnunva C5 HD 2K 1080P 23 130 little little Manual No tiny + small / solid worked needs >40cm distance from board / problems with manual focus / needs distortion.json
2 3.5 img Anke Power 1080P HD 16 110 Yes No Auto Yes massive + stable still too mutch distortion / too expensive / needs distortion.json no purchase recommendation
1 4 img IRARUCW 2K HD 16 120 Yes No Auto Yes needs >45cm distance from board
1 5 img AODE 1080 HD USB 2.0 10 90 Yes Yes Auto Yes massive + stable still too mutch distortion / too expensive / USB problems (defect) no purchase recommendation

Incompatible cameras