Autodarts Docs
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Hardware Requirements

The software is designed to run on most hardware, and should work on any system with equivalent or better specifications. However, it’s important to note that hardware and software are closely interconnected. So, before selecting an operating system, make sure that the minimum system requirements are met.

Please note that Autodarts is primarily developed for Linux-based systems. While there are setups available for Windows and macOS, they are currently in alpha release and may contain bugs.

Releases are available at Github. Follow the link in the menu to the left.


For Autodarts, the minimum hardware requirements are as follows.

  • CPU: 2x2.0GHz or 4x1.5GHz
  • RAM: 1GB
  • USB: 3 ports for cameras
  • Storage: At least 1GB of free Storage


Autodarts Basic* Autodarts Intermeditate** Autodarts Professional***
CPU: 2x2.0GHz / 4x1.5GHz CPU: 4x2.4GHz CPU: 4x2.4GHz (Intel I3 or Ryzen >2018)
RAM: 1GB RAM: 4GB (>8GB for Windows) >8GB
Storage: 1GB Storage: 1GB Storage: 1GB
OS: Raspberry Pi OS OS: Ubuntu / Windows OS: Ubuntu / Windows

* Board Manager only, no Monitor, no Extensions

** Board Manager, no Monitor, up to 2 Extensions

*** Board Manager, Monitor, up to 4 Extensions