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Toggle Dark/Light/Auto mode Toggle Dark/Light/Auto mode Toggle Dark/Light/Auto mode Back to homepage is a DIY camera-based automatic scoring system for steel dart boards.

It’s designed to run on cost-effective hardware. The software runs on most hardware, such as Jetson Nano, Raspberry Pi 4, or Intel NUC, that are running Linux-based operating systems. There are also Windows and Mac builds in alpha release. At this stage of development, accuracies of up to 99% are possible.

All you need is:

  • A standard dart board with a 360-degree LED ring light to eliminate shadows.
  • Three USB cameras without lens distortion.
  • A computing unit like a Jetson Nano, Raspberry Pi 4, Intel NUC or equivalent.
  • A mounting solution to position the cameras around the board.
  • A tablet or a small laptop to open the Autodarts web page on.

At the moment, it is possible to play the following game modes: X01, Cricket, Bermuda, Shanghai, Gotcha, ATC, ATW, Random Checkout, and Count Up. You can play by yourself, with friends, or against a bot, offering something for everyone. Since the project is a DIY system, be prepared to work on the hardware and software yourself. However, don’t worry, we are constantly working on the documentation to get you started as easy as possible. Additionally, our community is quite large and helpful when it comes to assisting new players. Join the Autodarts Community Discord server by clicking on the Discord link in the menu to the left.