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First Startup

If you have followed the installation guide correctly, you should now be able to run Autodarts for the first time.

  • You already registerd to and created an Dartboard
  • You setup your Cameras and mounted them correctly

Start up the computer and launch your preferred internet browser and access the Board Manager by entering: http://localhost:3180

If you want to reach the Board Manager from another computer in your Network you have to gather the IP from your Autodarts Machine, the easyiest way is to look up in your Router (for example:

You should now see the Board Manager ready for setup.

Before configuring your cameras, copy your Board ID and API Key, which can be found under the User menu in the “My Boards” section at Paste these details into your Board Manager.

Select your webcams and preferred resolution, then click the Save button.

Now, you are ready to set up your cameras and initiate the calibration process.

Board Manager First Start

Camera Calibration

Switch to the Calibration Tab and calibrate your cameras by dragging the yellow markers into the correct order or by clicking the “Auto” button. If your calibrated picture resembles the example provided below, you can save your calibration and proceed with the setup of your next camera.

Camera Calibration

If you have done everything correctly, you should now be able to play and have fun with Autodarts.

Example pictures of a correctly calibrated system

Monitor Tab: Monitor Tab

Live Tab: Live Tab

Motion Tab: Motion Tab