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Distortion correction is necessary only when your cameras exhibit significant distortion. Distortion means the pictures taken by your cameras are warped in some way.
For OV9732, Mortek MC 920 or ELP OTG HD 5mp Cameras distortion is not needed.

The calibration process is performed directly through the Board Manager within the Distortion tab.

First, calibrate your cameras. If the Dartboard spider does not match, then proceed with the distortion calibration.

Now, you can begin generating the distortion through the Board Manager. This process needs to be completed for all of your cameras. Simply navigate to the Distortion Tab within your Board Manager, choose your camera, and click on Calibrate. Adjust the chessboard within the blue marked ellipse until you achieve 95% coverage. Once you have sufficient coverage, the system will calibrate the cameras. Once the process is complete, click the save button and proceed to the next camera.